Harka Lopchan

Co-founder / Design Head

Talkative and very friendly. More than 10 years experience in Web Design and Front End Development with HTML, CSS, jQuery. Also the surrogate Accountant for time being.

Bijay Manandhar

Co-founder / Sr. Software Developer

Senior Developer and founder of codeilo with 10 years of experience in web programming and 25 years of experience with fun and humor. Also known as “Pasa”.

Anunay Dahal

Chief Technical Officer

All rounder guy with very good sense of humor, loves food and drinks, works like a soldier and fun like a king.

Om Nepali

Project Management / MIS Consultant

15+ years of diverse experience, wise and friendly guy with Prince 2 certified, awesome project management and  heroic personality who never scared to support truth.

Bharat Sharma

Senior UI Engineer

Young but very sharp and talkative guy with excellent knowledge about UI Design, CSS(3), HTML(5), jQuery and he got an awesome idea to solve any complicated problem after having a puff of smoke.

Bijay Prasad Shah

Sr. Software Developer

A silent guy who was previously programmer has also dived into CSS, loves old Hindi songs and interested in politics as well.

Er. Umesh Maharjan

System Analyst & Project Manager

Very sincere and friendly guy playing with Project, Server and Web Applications since 10 years. He madly love his home town, Kirtipur.  Crazy about Football and loves trekking.

Roshan Joshi

Marketing Consultant

Marketing experts with very pleasant personality, a wizard that brings your site at the top in Google. Curious with latest technologies and enjoys life, has more fun than anyone ever.

Er. Sudan Prajapati

Sr. Java Developer / Consultant

A guy with outgoing personality. spell bounds the crowd with his powerful speech. Has very high ambition in life but has a totally down to earth attitude.

Tara Manandhar

Jr. Web Developer

Currently doing her bachelors, she is a quick learner. She is shy but don’t underestimate her programming powers. The force is very strong with her.

Mhendo Maya Tamang (didi)

Office Helper/Cook

Called “didi (elder sister)” by everyone, calls everyone “dai (elder brother)”, irrelevant of the age. Shy,  humble and an amazing cook, says she doesn’t know how to cook but the end results are always delicious.